Index Entries in a table bring crashes

I’m working on notes for a course, including experimenting with indices, which I’ve never used before.

Naively, I saw no theoretical problem with putting an index entry into a table cell (as part of more extensive text). But it leads to reproducable crashes. If I use the “Go to next Index Mark” (also, “previous”) button on the indices toolbar, it navigates forwards through the table happily ; navigating backwards through the table it seems to get caught at the start of the table (which is dozens of rows from the index entry). But if I use the ContextMenu | IndexEntry | EditIndexEntry dialog box’s forward and back arrows … spinning hourglass crash tinkle, lost last 5 minutes work.
Plainly, these seemingly similar tasks are being achieved in different ways internally, one of which is more “delicate” than the other(s).
This is on Windoze - I think 10 or so. I haven’t tried it on my Linux laptop yet, but I’d expect the same sensitivity there.

For the moment, I can live without putting index entries into a table - no big deal. But another project that I should return to fairly soon will definitely need it, so I think I should report the bug.

Are bug reports searchable from this Q&A section? I can’t see how to do so.

you can file a bug on

I would like to add that I have run into this problem in a different way. I am able to add the index entries (and they appear to work), but when I edit them, LO 7.2 gets really confused and highlights (grey boxes) outside the table. If I continue to work in edit mode, the application will eventually crash, it seems I can only edit/delete a few entries at a time.

I am going to open a separate query to discuss this and what I should do.