index entries with Converting *.odt to *.docx


  1. I use libreoffice writer Version: 6.1.5.
  2. I have created an index entry in my document and saved it as “indexEntries-1.odt”.
  3. I converted my document in .docx format and saved it as “indexEntries-1.docx”.
  4. I opened “indexEntries-1.docx” and Updated index page. Now the index page format has changed completely. The page has more line and …
  5. When I convert “indexEntries-1.docx” to “indexEntries-2.odt”, the index page in the new file has the same problem.

How can I solve this problem?


Without any precise description about formatting difference it is impossible to answer your question. Be aware that .odt and .docx are based on different formatting description principles and you must expect changes in lay out.

The way you structured your documents also has a big impact on the conversion. In particular, if you direct format it instead of using consistently styles and only styles, Writer must make guesses about your intent and may convert erroneously your “apparent” formatting (as opposed to “semantic” formatting inferred from “good” systematic styling).

When you import from .docx, due to the absence of styles beyond paragraph ones, you get direct formatting, i.e. de-structured document, and a lot of information is lost (Writer styling-wise) in the process. Thus a roundtrip is not idempotent and is rather destructive.

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the problem does not depend on the format of the document, but on moving the index entry from one field to another.
The first time I write the entries in the entry field. But by importing the file (from *.odt to *.docx) the entries move from “entry field” to “1st key field”. I have seen this problem in edit windows too:

If the problem occurs when dealing with non native format, this is clearly an issue about converting. Different suites have different approaches of same features such as recording an index entry. And this needs translation from one representation to the other.

Avoid roundtrips while working. Always edit and format in native code in any application. Only export the final version to foreign format but send also a PDF copy so that recipient can see eventual differences.

  1. When importing a file (from *.odt to *.docx) the format of document is changed. When importing the new file again (from *. docx to *.odt) the format of document dose not change to the native format. So I change the format of new *.odt file to native format. Nevertheless, the problem is there.
  2. The problem occurred with moving entries from “Entry field” to “1st key field”. This I see on “dialog box”, as I open dialog box to edit entries.
    Edit Index Entry - LibreOffice Help
  3. What dose appear, when I refresh “index”?
    Every entry has two line on index page. One line for entry itself and the second line for “1st key”. There is on the first line only point character: “……”. but the entry as 1st key on scond line.