index of table hyperlink missing

Hi there. I want to create index of table using table caption.
I already captioned my table.

Then created index of table using insert TOC and use index of table types.
It works for creating the index, but the hyperlink is missing in the entries tab. Here is the screenshot of the entries tab

I’m currently using libre office What steps do I miss to create hyperlinked table index ?

Apparently hyperlinking for items is disabled for all index types, you can only do it in the TOC.

Facing the same problem, I see no reason why this should be disabled for index of tables. If I see an entry as a reader, why would I not want to be able to click it to get to the table? Makes no sense.

Submit an enhancement request. See for more information on using the LibreOffice Ask site.

Today I faced the same problem. I decided to insert Table of Figures without title and choose my table style as Category, dirty but work.

What is your LO version? Mine is and the Hyperlink button is enabled for tables of Contents/Figures/Objects/Tables. The feature may have been implemented between and 6.x.

Also, I don’t understand your procedure (namely the “Category” entry).

You can add hyperlink with this step :

  • Edit index
  • go to “entries” tab. You can see entries format there
  • add hyperlink to start & end entries format (between E, T, #)

Now you can click your Index of Tables.