INDIRECT and named ranges in another file

I want to use INDIRECT to access a cell from another spreadsheet by name. For example, if “xyz” is a global name for A1 in “file%20b.ods” I expect this formula to work:


but I just get #REF. Am I doing something wrong? (Of course I’m actually using the real path.)

This works:


But that isn’t powerful enough because I need to use an expression to produce the name.

I’m using on Mac OS X 10.8.3. I thought that it was working before 4.0.3, but I can’t reproduce it working in 3.6.4, so I may be thinking of a different case.

After some tries I think it is a bug.
Reported bug:
EDITING: INDIRECT() function does not work linking range names in another file

Does fdo#60170 block this new bug? No. Sorry, I don’t think it does on re-reading, as it seems related to import/export to/from ODF rather than the native save.