INDIRECT() does not want to recognize a reference to a named formula expression

INDIRECT() does not want to recognize a reference not to a named range, but to a named formula expression.
NOTE: The document is in Hungarian, but believe me, it makes absolutely no difference. The author has a game, there are roles and skill sets.

Cross Ref with Problem
The solution itself with extra sheet. An attempt was made to remove the sheet and use arrays of static values.
File attached there.

The rocker is the role. And the light green cells are his skills.

INDIRECT() is specified to return a Reference to (most general version) a Cuboid, mostly a CellRange (may be a single cell) where the cuboid or simple range needs to be given in a textual representation (“Address”).
A name used to identify (your words: refer to) a named expression isn’t designating an object, INDIRECT() could return as a reference, and the function can’t evaluate it if it isn’t a textual representation of a reference itself. .

Not great, but sad. Excel does that. In this example, it is convenient to work with ranges on the worksheet. But the way to use static arrays in named formulas has been tried to test Calc for robustness. Well, Calc doesn’t do that. But that’s no problem. Thanks to anyone who was interested.

@erAck already answered a similar question for me. Apparently, it’s the same limitation.

I haven’t any version of Excel for testing…
In addition I don’t at all feel sure to understand you comment. A named formula can be, of course, a range address (taken as a text), and Calc can use it. It’s not a case for INDIRECT(), however, if the formula has additional sub-expressions. An expression using INDIRECT() may also be part of a named expression. …
If Excel shoud misuse INDIRECT() as a kind of EVALUATE() … No, that can’t be.

Does it really? INDIRECT("name") resolves to an array with 2 elements if name is defined to {1;2} ?
If so, please file an enhancement bug.

Sometimes we wish for things to be true without realizing it… But another critical mind forces a new check.
Test. Excel INDIRECT() test to work with named formula expressions fails. :disappointed: It does not work either. The question is closed. I apologize for the disturbance.
All that I suggested to the author is the solution.