Infinite white boxes

When I reopen a spreadsheet it often comes up with a large empty box fixed to the top left hand corner and extending rightwards, finishing in the middle of a column. I asked friends with no success then searched online and it found a thread on this site: Infinite white boxes
Now this same issue was raised back in 2015 but closed the following year as “not relevant or outdated” although the final entry did not present an answer but only a work-around which included the use of MS Office, which I do not have access to.
This was the work-around presented (using Libre Office alone) by Loginmyeye: Tools>Options>LibreOffice Calc>View>Objects>Drawing Objects (Hide) and as he/she admitted “I don’t have an answer–just more clues”.

So I have this problem repeated in Libre Office version in 2018 and have tried this work-around but if I clear the boxes using this method, it does work but if I close the file and reopen it they are back again, so it’s not a FIX.

Could you report the issue, with a sample file for test? Create a bug report

Did you already try a new user profile thoroughly regarding all the precautions?

has anyone found an answer for this?

tdf#117274 was fixed in 6.4.