Input/Output Error - Google Drive

I have never attempted to save or access files on my Google Drive in in previous versions of LibreOffice. I recently installed 5.2 and decided to give it a try. I get a General Input/Output error both when trying to access my drive to open or save files. I am running on Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa with the Cinnamon desktop. I have found that others have had this problem with previous versions especially when using Ubuntu and Linux Mint is an Ubuntu derivative. Is there a fix?

FYI - using LO v5.2 on xubuntu 16.04 and have no problem with Google Drive. However, I am using a LO version downloaded directly, not the distro installation.

Just moved over to Mint 17.3 and tried with LO v5.1.3.2 (also directly downloaded - Erased the distro install). Again no problem with Google Drive - load and save OK.