Input/output error trying to open .doc or .xls files html structured

Hello to everybody

In LibreOffice 4.1.2, when trying to open .doc or .xls files generated from a web page .html structured, it appears an I/O error and the files can’t open. If I open them with MS Office 2003 and save them again in .doc or .xls format, then they will regularly open also in LibreOffice.
The newly saved file is 50% bigger.

There was a problem with the same kind of files here and the beta version 4.1.0 had apparently fixed it, but then this new error appeared.

I can confirm that using the test file provided with that bug I receive an error message on GNU/Linux running v4.1.0.4 that is as you describe:

General Error.

General input/output error.

It would appear that the problem of large HTML table handling is back. I would suggest you raise a new bug and reference the old one, as the problem is actually different.

Thank you very much! I submitted the new bug and attached two files that have this problem

Can you please indicate the bug number? It would appear that fdo#67902 reports the same issue, so we may need to close your report as a duplicate. According to that bug the problem was re-introduced in v4.1.0.3.