Insert a blank Calc spreadsheet into a Writer document?

In Microsoft Word, you can insert two types of tables into your documents: a plain text-only table or an embedded full-featured Excel table:

MS Word's 2 buttons

LibreOffice Writer has the equivalent of the plain-text table:

Writer's 1 button

but I don’t see any way to insert a full-featured Calc table. I know it’s possible for them to be embedded, since I can open a .doc file with embedded Excel table and Writer treats it as an embedded Calc table, but I don’t know how to create a blank Calc table inside a Writer document.

Insert/Object/OLE Object/Libreoffice 3.x Spreadsheet.

You get a spreadsheet inside a box. Clicking outside the box hides the row, column and sheet indicators. To get them back, double-click in the box. When you are editing the inserted spreadsheet, you get different menus, including a formula entry/edit box.

Hey that’s exactly what I want! I wonder why it’s so hard to find?

I think you need first create a blank spreadsheet and copy a range of cells in writer.
Change the size of the calc table is different if only the box is selected or is in calc edit mode.

No there is no need to first create a blank spreadsheet. You can insert new one or an existing one.

I actually find the Insert menu a bit misleading. At the end of this menu is the item I saw and used it. However the selected ods-file did not show up . Nothing showed up

What is the menu item Insert>file doing? Or supposed to do?