Insert a given number in the middle of text

Hi everyone!

I’m wondering if I can write “Amount in N transactions” so that N would be J3, for example. Where if I write 10 in J3 I end up with “Amount in 10 transactions”.

The first thing I’ve tried was “Amount in J3 transactions” or “Amount in =J3 transactions”, and as theres the possibility of my problem being a simple sintax trick I’m appealing to y’all.

Note that J3 not necessarily will be 10, my point is for it to work for any given real number.

And, if its possible, how would it be to make “Amount in N+1 transactions”?

Two options:

  1. ="Amount in " & J3 & " transactions"
  2. Use cell formatting and set number format to something like "Amount in "# ##0,00" transactions"

The latter has an advantage that the cell value doesn’t actually change, only is displayed with given decoration, and the cell may further be used in calculations.

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(See the answer by @mikekaganski! )
="Amount in " & J3 + 1 & " transactions" e.g for the N+1 case if N is value of J3.
You can also explicitly define a format for the nuerical part using TEXT(J3+1;“000”) e.g.
If you want the respective cell not only to display the compound string, but also to pass the numeric value if referenced, put =J3+1 as a formula into the cell, and define its ‘Numbers’ format as
"Amount in " General " transactions" .

Wow that was fast. Thank you very much guys. You have no idea how much I do appreciate it.

Unfortunately its only possible to mark one of the answers as the correct one, but in my heart both are marked! :smiley: