Insert a picture from a URL

I am trying to find a way to convert urls that contain pictures and insert them in a .csv file with other columns that contain data.

“… insert them in a .csv file” Indeed?!! But it’s impossible! CSV-format is plain-text, it can’t contain any images. May be you mean ODF-file?

@DA4 – Still interested in an answer here? Can you address @JohnSUN’s points?

I just copied pictures from the internet into Impress.


  1. right click on image
  2. select “copy picture”
  3. click to Impress, Draw, Writer
  4. Paste (ctrl+v, right click and contect menu, etc.)

In Calc, paste special / bitmap is needed.

Impress, Draw, Writer, and Calc tested and it works as described

@ROSt53 – It sounds like DA4 wants to insert the images into a .CSV file. Both @JohnSUN and I are confused, as the .CSV format doesn’t support images (I guess you could try to uuencode the image or something…). Thoughts?

@qubit1 - Later last night I thought again about DA4’s question and I regard my answer as not matching his question. He wants “convert urls that contain pictures” into text, thus strip the pictures off of the URL; that’s what I understand now. But for me a URL is already only “text”, that’s why I most likely misinterpreted his question first. I feel he must come back and explain some more details and especially he needs to react to @JohnSUN’s comment.