Insert bibliography table style as APA 6 format

Is there no easy way to use the inbuilt Citation modul to display bibliography table style as APA 6 format

I was trying to get the Bibliography to transform according to the different styles that are requested as Citation Styles: APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, IEEE … I personaly need to use the APA Citation Styles. But I am thinking if I need to use a different world processor becouse I cant seem to understand how to transform the Bibliography index.

I guss its not available in libre office…

I have been exploring what word processor I should use that support a citation system that can show the Bibliography using the APA format. I was hoping to recommend LibreOffice for my students at university, but I havent figured out how to convert the Bibliography to follow the APA format.

My question: Can I use the inbuilt generator for making and managing Bibliography in Libre Office using the APA6 citation style?

Edit, trying to add picture

This is how it should look like and similar Bibliography plugins is probably the way to go, any advise?

Zotero LibreOffice Integration uses Oricle Java ME and that is a sepperate instal for the students, its a bit to much…

You must understand that you first create a database of all references. The built-in tool does the job pretty well.

Your question is then how to format the entries. I’m not familiar wit APA6 presentation. Can you provide a screenshot example? This would help advise the settings for Insert>… Bibliography.

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Yes, how to format the entries. What would be useful was to have preformatted entries that follow the APA6 documentation. Preferable as an option in the Insert Bibliography menue. I have found out that I can edit the Bibliography display painfully one at a time using a overly complicated select and insert system, but at the same time giving me a notion that I migth not have followed the standard. This is really frustrating. p.s. And I dont know how to add apicture.

ok… I figured something… refference for APA the system asks for italics. I cant seem to figure out how to make the Bibliography autorender italics.

LibO’s bibliographic database and index tool is quite flexible, but came with some horrible default values. In the screenshot you added, you have all the tools to provide formatting to each type of entry. First select a “type” (book, journal, proceeding), now with the menu bellow the “structure” line add any field you want to that line: just put the cursor on an empty space in the “structure,” select the field and click on Insert. Each field you add will become a new button in the structure line. Click any of those buttons to select it and apply to it an appropriate character style (you need to create/edit those styles yourself). Finally, repeat the process for each kind of entry (magazine, book, etc.).

Edit to add a screenshot showing the process:

There is no “formal” way to save a custom index. You need to either save it inside a template or create an AutoText to store the result.

I discuss indexes in general, and bibliographical indexes in particular, in chapter 9 of my free book about Writer :wink:

I cant figure out how to make some of them into italics, so if I cant figure it out then that would be a deal braker, like the journal name or the book title.

This could use a little love from the programming team, preferably where I can easily change the format for the whole project switching Citation Styles: APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, IEEE, and some custom. The use cse is that I may publis a article using the APA format, then the next year I migth publish the same article using the IEEE style in a different publication.

I could make a templet document where the settings are set for APA6 and I saw a couple of thoes in the templets supplied, but no italics in the Bibliography, and I cant seem to have the autogenerator change the name Bibliography into Refferences. So… yeah… It does not meet my needs.

I gave up and tried to install Zotero but the plugin in LibreOffice does nothing. I am a bit frustrated at this point.

Let’s suppose you want the Author field for books to be in italic. On the Entries tab for the bibliographic index setup, select Book under Type and click on the button that represents the Author’s field (the button labeled Au) in the structure line and then in the “Character style” drop-down menu pick the style called Emphasis: by default, that character style only applies italics to the text, without changing the font, but you can modify the style according to your needs. As I said before, you can apply any character style to any field in the structure line following this procedure. The use of styles is key in getting a well formatted index (or document).

I do belive that it is possible, but I cant seem to figure it out.

Insert - Table of contents and index - Table of contents, index or Bibliography

Type - Type and Title - Type - Bibliography

Title - Bilbiography, change text to “Refferences”

Entries - Structure - Select “Sh” and delite it, and edit each Type according to APA6

well, I still cant figure out how to make the different element to Italic ot not.

and This is a bit to much for me to recomend university students to wirk with.

I am sad for it

Just follow what I said above: click on the item that needs to be formatted and pick an appropriate character style from the “Character style” drop-down list. The character style called Emphasis apply italics while the character styles called Strong Emphasis apply bold. You can create other character styles (to get, for example, underlined text) using the style editor (open it with F11 and select the second button on top of it to get to the character style section) or just edit an existing one to your needs. I’ll add a screenshot to my original answer.

EDIT: I added a screenshot that show what do you need to modify in the index definition. As you can see you can apply any character style to any item in the list: the year in the example is using the Strong Emphasis style to add bold.