Insert Chapter In Existing Chapter

I have a Chapter 6 with it also configured in the header (‘Chapter 6’). I want to split this chapter to add Chapter 7 with Title and the following Chapters obviously follow on. I do not have a master document. Thanks.

Chaptering is done with the Heading n paragraph style family, i.e. chapter heading is formatted Heading 1, sub-chapter Heading 2, etc.

Splitting your chapter is easy:

  • either an existing “standard” paragraph should become the new chapter title: give it paragraph style Heading 1;
  • or you want to insert a new chapter heading between to paragraphs: insert a new paragraph and style it Heading 1.

You may have another case: a sub-chapter and all its depending parts should become the new chapter:

  • display the navigator (F5) and expand Headings
  • select a sub-chapter heading (one click only)
  • use the toolbar arrow buttons to promote or demote the sub-chapter

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Thanks for responding. I would have thought the first case was the problem but that did not work. Nothing. So I went to the previous chapter H1 and copied it. Put it in place and the copy auto-inserted the ‘Chapter N’ bit correctly numbered. I then went to the Contents and updated and all seems correct now.

Interestingly I seem to have H1 level for the main Ch level and then H3 (just an underlined Body Text) for sub-chapters headings. This seems to work and allows me to navigate to revise my book text.

Have I done this right by this method? just a quick OK if this is a valid operation. Many thanks again.

Since this is no solution, it should have been written as a comment (because the site is not a forum but a collection of Q&As).

Regarding H1/H3: you’re free to use any level when structuring your document; usually they are consecutive but you may have reasons to follow another rule. The only wrong one is to use a built-in formatting; in this case, you should customise the Heading n paragraph styles.

I don’t quite understand “copy auto-inserted the ‘Chapter N’ bit correctly numbered”. Numbering is internally managed and user has nothing to do once enabled, in principle.