Insert chart from calc into writer

Rather than exporting a Calc chart as an image and then importing into Writer I’d like to be to insert a chart directly so that when the underlying data that makes the graph changes, those changes can be seen in Writer.

I tried inserting an OLE object but I only seem to be able to insert the entire spreadsheet.
Any tricks?


You can store the data in a table created directly in Writer, select the table then InsertObjectChart. It uses the table data. The table can optionally be inserted in a hidden section (menu InsertSection) if you do not wish to see the data.

It is also possible to integrate a chart from a spreadsheet using linking. This is described in this FAQ.


Thanks! Would never have found that DDE link functionality. Unfortunately when I change the spreadsheet, only the Writer table updates, not the chart based on the table. I have to manually modify one of the figures in the table before the chart updates itself.

@EoghanM - You can force the update of the charts in Writer by ToolsUpdateAll Charts (and of course Update All)