Insert date selectable permanent calendar in a base form

I would like to insert a permanently visible calendar on a base form, where a date/or dates can be clicked/selected continually and the data be used in other fields. I don’t want it to just become visible and then disappear. I don’t mind it looking like the ones that dropdown, so long as it is permanently visible.

An example of use would be if I clicked December 25th, a text field would display “Christmas Day” - Or May 1st, “May Day” (Though my plans are deeper than that).

Thank You in anticipation.


Can sort of see ways for this to be done but you do not provide enough information of how this is to work.

Obviously December 25th is Christmas, but is November 11 notation the same in 2019 as 2020? If not, may need to code some macros. As for data used in other fields copy/paste should suffice.

You would also need to enter all this info into a table to be recalled. You can set up a separate internal form just for this.

Also you do not specify what database you are using (ie: MySQL, Firebird embedded etc.). Specific LO version and OS should also be included.

Based upon further comments and as you noted, this will most likely take considerable code to create as you have described. You might salvage a bit of VB code but it would be best just to start over.

Sorry about the missing information. I hope that the following sorts that out.

Libra 6.3.1 x64. Default installation with Windows 10 Home. I have not installed any extras.

Thank you for your reply, I know what’s in my head because I have done it in MS Access, I’m just having difficulty adapting to Libra.

In an attempt to escape the clutches of MS Office since now you just rent it, I’m hoping that I can see how well I can recreate all my databases in Libra. (All of which use lots of code).

I’d prefer if possible to use a ready made calendar like the one that pops up, if it could be permanently visible, just to save time.

(Sorry about the previous misunderstanding, I didn’t see the appropriate button).