Insert file/path in Spreadsheet

Is there a way to insert the file name and path in a spreadsheet? If yes, what is it?

another opinion: to put in the headline and/or the footline of the sheet(s) several expressions such as page of pages, author, file-name, datum …, that is only visible by printing or exporting.

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Try Formula:


Thank you; I will give it a try.

Cool. Tried it and worked. This is a frequent addition to documents in Enterprise Operations where directory structures can get quite elaborate.

Suggestion to the developing community – create a formula that contains this function and call it PATH. Most spreadsheet users will never delve into the universe of Regular Expressions :slight_smile:

The Regex only removes the sheet name, try =CELL("filename")

There is already the choice of File Name or Path/File Name for header or footer, see @koyotak answer

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