Insert Image into Cell

I am trying to insert an image into a single Calc Cell and then reverence it with a formula the image is Ankert to Cell A4 when I type in the other Cell “=A4” the answer is 0. This is correct because Libra Office saves Images in a second Layer. In Exel, you can insert a formula into an image.
so you Copy the image and insert the function “=A4” inside the image.
sadly this also does not work in Libra Office.
Googel Sheets hase the IMAGE Funktion

Is there something similar to Calc?

I use it for a list of Names and their Images and I have a function that searches throw the list and displays all the relevant information and I like to add the corresponding picture to this

Thanks for taking the time to help me

I found an other way bud it is not working as I intended by using the Paste Special screen you can Link 2 Cells, Color, font… and allow Objekts like pictures.
Sadly the link seems to work with everything but objekts is this a bug ore a limitation of how Libra Office handles objects?