Insert image "through" text


Using Libre writer, I am unable to insert an image (of a signature) so that it looks like it was written over some text.

I want it to look rather like someone grabbed a Sharpie and signed the letter (with part of the signature overlapping the last few words of text.)

I can do it in Word with Insert Image | Format | Picture | Layout | Behind Text…

But how can this be done in Writer? When I try “Behind Text” a rectangle with the signature appears, blocking any text. I have tried the Transparency setting with no luck.

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Select the image, then:

  • choose menu Format - Image - Properties… - Wrap tab, and select Through and In background.
  • click with the secondary button, choose Wrap - In background.

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Hello again, and thanks for the speedy response.

I’m running V When I go to Format | Image | Properties | Wrap I see radio buttons, and can choose only one at a time it seems. Also, the choices are None, Before, After, Parallel, Through, and Optimal.

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Just tried Right-Click Wrap | In Background, and it worked perfectly.

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v. - .jpg image in normal text - this doesn’t work. Bug in this version?

Hello @doofer, How are you trying to do it? See LibreOffice Help for v. 6.0 on Wrap, then add more info. There is no change in wording from 6.0 to 6.4.

If you can, I recommend you download 6.4.7 (278 MB).

You didn’t tell us the format used to save your signature picture. Many formats do not handle transparency, e.g. JPEG.

Sending the image to the background as suggested by @LeroyG is one solution but it is afterwars rather difficult to select the image to move it to optimal position.

I prefer to pre-process my signature picture in a graphics application like GIMP to keep only the strokes of the signature (this can be done with the “magic wand”). When having stripped all “noise” around my signature, I make sure there is no background and I save it .png.

With such a picture, I can anchor my signature as usual To paragraph, position it with the controls in the dialog and , most important, set its wrap mode to Through. With this mode, the signature is above text and, if color differs from printing text, it is obvious it was written above the text, as if added at last moment (which is not the case if it is sent to background).

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If the signature color is darker than the text color, sending the signature in the background is not the best option.
But if both the signature and the text are in the same color, the position does not affect (except what @ajlittoz writes about the ease of positioning the signature).