insert menu does not show envelope

I’m transitioning from MS Word.
Did not know how to print an envelope from my letter document.
Looked online, and the help forum said there is an Envelope command in the Insert menu.
Except it wasn’t there.
Finally figured out it’s there but at the bottom of the menu - which doesn’t show on the page.
Pressing E did not get there.
So No, I don’t have a question. Or rather, I’ve already solved it. But this held me up for a couple of hours (!!) so I thought I’d post in case someone else runs into the same problem.

Thank you very much; this is a useful information for those who might happen to be in the same situation. So in order to make this topic useful to potentially interested users:

  1. Change it into a question;
  2. Provide your findings as an answer.

This will allow marking the answer as correct; so users who look for that will see the answered status, which would tell them that it’s worth looking into.

Thank you again!