Insert multi-page pdf as image, how?

I need to insert an existing 3 page pdf into a new writer Document. I can make >Insert > Image work, but it’ll only insert the first page.

Ideally it would be possible to have some sort of frame in which you insert a pdf and would be able to slide it down, so to say in order to select the right section of that file. So you could insert 3 frames and show each pdf page in one of those 3 frames

You can do what you want.

  1. Insert your pdf as OLE object
  2. Double click the OLE object for edit and arrange frame and page to show entire page. Exit editing mode.
  3. Create some new pages with Ctrl+Enter and copy the OLE object into each page
  4. Double click each OLE object and select the relevant page in the slide sorter shown at the side of the screen

Note that each copy increases the file size by the full pdf size so be sparing.

PDF files are seen by LO as graphical file and open exclusively in Draw.

Open the multipage PDF with Draw. You get as many slides as pages. You can then copy and paste each page individually.

PS: a frame in Writer cannot exceed a page. Thus, your idea of dragging a PDF into a frame and hoping the frame would expand to the desired number of pages is a dead end.

that works on the surface, but the paste does not display right in the writer document

An example there is a centered line with 3 Words. The last word (without that hitting any border of the document by far) is displayed covering the following line). This happens in lines where text crosses the entire width of the document, but also in lines (like the one mentioned above) where the line only consumes a small part of the documents width.

sorry my wording was not precise. I was referring to something which logically consists of 2 components

  1. a frame and
  2. the content inside that frame (revealed by the frame)

So you have 2 way to manipulate what you actually see.

  1. The size and position of that frame and
  2. the part of the content positioned related to that frame

I believe layout programs like InDesign are doing that. Maybe too much to ask of an Office Suite.

Assuming that you have the same fonts installed as in the document then changing Format > Text Attributes in Draw should allow you to paste without problem into Writer.
In Draw select the page contents by drag selecting, click Format > Text Attributes and click the Text tab. Untick Fit Width to text and Fit Height to text and then tick Fit to Frame and OK. Copy the contents and paste into Writer.

The pictures below are from opening LibreOffice publication GS7300-Preface.pdf in Draw and pasting into Writer before changing Text Attributes, then after.

the workaround I am succeeding to come up with is to split the multi-page pdf into one pdf for each page and insert them one by one (OLE Object or Image both work. Image being less cumbersome to deal with inside the writer document)

This is more like a quick and dirty fix (which I am going for now in order to get my paper done), so I would be interested in cleaner solutions on inserting multi paged pdf file clean and hassle free into a writer document

Unfortunately there is no “clean” solution. PDF is an archival format where most of the original information present in a document processor has been wiped off. And if PDF was built with minimum size goal, i.e. no font embedded in the file, you experience the kind of problem you mentioned (character overlap or line overflow into margins) because the renderer has no reference to the font metrics.

What you want in fact is make a part of the PDF an integrated section of your document to spare you the pain to retype it. This is a kind of “entropy reversal” where you hope to rebuild the missing information.

This can be done only by pasting text from the PDF (not as an image) and recreating formatting with styles and other tools.