Insert page break after image set to "through"

in writer, i have a page with no text and several images in “through” mode, anchored to the only(empty) paragraph on that page. Thus, the last place is can place my cursor is at the top of the page, before all the images. if i insert a page break there it(logically) inserts it before the images. but since i can’t move the cursor after the images, how do i insert a page break after the images? ctrl+end takes me to the top of the page before the images

win11 and odt file

Update your question(= edit it, don’t use a comment) to improve it. Mention OS name, LO version and save format (odt vs doc(x)). Give more details about your document structure:

  • how are your images anchored?
  • have you some text after your images?
    Since by default Ctrl+Enter inserts a break **before the current paragraph, you can insert it in the “next” paragraph. You can tell the presence of (eventually empty) paragraphs by enabling View>Formatting Marks.
  • what is your purpose with Through wrap mode?
    Do you want to create a page background, a watermark, …?

Sincethe pagebreak is inserted before your current paragraph, if your images are anchored To paragraph, they effectively drift to second page. A quick workaround is to create two paragraphs at start, back up the cursor to first paragraph and insert images from there.

hello, they are in through wrap mode because i need to be able to move the images to random locations, outside margins and overlapping each other. i tried your solution but if i anchor them to an empty paragraph it temporarily works, but every time i move the image it changes the anchor back to last paragraph on the page. is there a way to lock the anchor?

There is presently no way to “lock the anchor”.

Moving an image anywhere in the page doesn’t need Through mode. Wrap mode defines the interaction between text and the image. It has nothing to do with position.

There are two solutions to your positioning problem, depending on your skill, but both are based on image properties:

  • manual: define the image position in the Type tab
  • automatic: if you can define a specification for your image placement (where and how images interact with each other), a frame style can be create to automate the process.

Be a bit more specific about image placement, tell your skills and I’ll give you a solution. Don’t forget LO version.