"Insert" Problems with Tables in Impress


When using tables in Impress, new inserted columns seem to have bulletted text in them and do not adhere to table-wide font changes (being stuck in Source Code Pro 24). I should also note that there is a weird indent to them as well. To fix this, I have to manually set each box to not have a list in them in order to fix this. If any of this is unclear, I can record it. If this is a bug in LO specifically, I can report it too!

Simplified Steps:

  1. Create a new table of any size, note that the font for every cell can be changed through the Table Properties... menu and is in non-bulletted mode
  2. Right click, go to Insert, and insert cells after the current column
  3. You will see that each new cell is filled with bulletted text with a different font than the rest of the table. You will not be able to change this font unless you remove the bullet point.

OS: Manjaro Linux
LO Version: 40(Build:3) from libreoffice --version in a terminal

Bug Report Here: #130788

I can largely confirm that.

However, the font can also be changed for me without removing the dot beforehand.

image description

You can enter a bug in Bugzilla or see if there is already an entry for it.

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With me Windows 10 Home; Version 1909; 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).