Insert Row into Base Table - edit mode

Using LibreOffice, Win7.

I am not able to insert a row while editing a Table. I highlight a row, rt-click “Insert Rows” and nothing happens. What am I missing here?

Edit: I’ve read Help. It says:

Insert Rows
Inserts an empty row above the current row, if the table has not been saved. Inserts an empty row at the end of the table if the table has been saved.

So, once a table has been saved, a row cannot be inserted in between other rows?

Take a look to LibreOffice help:

What probably happened when you opened a table in edit mode, right-clicked the gray column next to the field name and chose insert rows is that the edit line moved to the first blank field. You can’t insert a new field between two existing fields.

There are ways to rearrange field order in tables once you have added a column (see this for example) but it is really not necessary.