Insert specific page of Draw OLE Object into a Writer Document

I am working on a card game.
I have a Draw document laid out so each page is one card.
I also have a Writer document where I lay out the game rules.
Both of these are fine.

I would like the rest of the pages in that second document to be linked file OLE Objects to specific pages in the Draw document laid out in a grid to fit as many cards on each page as possible. This lets me edit the cards in the Draw document then update the Writer document so the changes show up and are ready to print.

What happens when I insert an OLE Object of an existing file (and tick linked file) is that it shows the page that the Draw document was last saved on. So if I have page 1 selected all my inserted OLE object show just that first page.

I tried editing the inserted OLE Object and select a different page, but when I click off it, the OLE Object shows the original page. I also tried looking for some kind of option that lets you select a “display page” or something but didn’t see one.

I searched this issue a bunch and checked out manual pages that popped up, but it seems like a hard problem to search for. At least I didn’t find anything.

Right now I have to insert a non-linked instance, delete all pages but the one I want, then repeat for every card… and do it all again if I make changes to the cards. Which is annoying and time consuming. I want to have auto updating if at all possible and would like all the cards in the one Draw document.

Am I just missing something obvious or is this not possible? You can do it with Calc sheets so why not Draw pages?