Inserted GIF animation works but not when saved as PDF


I have inserted a GIF in a Writer document. It worked and it plays as it should. Then converted to PDF and it just shows the first frame. It does not play.

Then I’ve tried the same with Impress, with the same result.

Any chances it works when saved as PDF?


What do you mean by “converted to PDF?”
Did you Export to PDF, or print to a PDF printer, or?
Please attach a sample document.

PDF does not support animated GIFs:


I’m having trouble inserting MP4 files in Impress too so I was looking for another solution.

It is not true, that pdf does not support animated files. It does. I just need it too, to insert animated gif into my one-slide Impress presenation, but without success.

Is it possible to export pdf file in Impress with PDF standard (ISO 32000-1:2008)? This standard should support animated graphics.

See more details here:

Please tell that to Adobe employee who answered (in 2011, after your cited standard was already published) in the question that I cited. :wink:

Also why do you try to confuse some interactive files and animated GIF, which is the explicit topic here? Animated GIF is not interactive in any sense.

Interactive was wrong used word, I have rewritten it at animated.

More, I do not know how much is now pdf file Adobe related. If I remember well pdf is Adobe’s product, but I do not believe the pdf standard is now invented only by the Adobe. So I can not directly see how LibreOffice export is related to Adobe standards. I am not using Adobe Reader and gif in pdf is not working in Artil or any other open source pdf viewer.

No solution here, but an answer: no, PDF does not support animated GIFs. And when someone on another forum came and declared something about “PDF being able to do interactive stuff”, there was no mention of prooflink; out of interest, I have downloaded Scribus that claimed to be able to do everything there; and as far as I see, it also does not allow that (in fact, it warns that images are GIF, which conflicts the format, when exporting data to PDF).

Ok, now, it starts to be out of the cope of the current thread. But is there any way how to get animated image into the presentation after conversion to pdf? (e.g. May I do two identical slides, where only two image overlays differ, and then set within pdf export to periodicaly change slide 1 and 2 with interval 20s in infinite loop?)

Similar adobe thread writes that there can be inserted a flash video file. But there is listed several issues that the included video not supported cross-platforms, etc. And the file size will increase at non-relevant numbers.

If I would use my own computer, I would keep presenation in .odp format and do not care more about it. But I need to submit it to conference organizators, where only .pptx or .pdf files are supported. (Which as an idea itself sucks, but unfortunately I have not found any conference or scientific journal where .odt, .odp, etc. files would be supported. Still belive, it will change one day.

PDF support animated graphics as i was able to create a kind of gif in my thesis using the package animate on latex.
Here is the command to compile time1.png, time2.png, time 3.png and time4.png in one gif like image :
So using beamer you will also be able to include gif like image in your PDF presentation. However impress is much simpler to use for nice presentation.
If there is some hacker in the libreoffice team to understand how this latex package is doing and implementing it in impress, it will be great. Because as mentioned by Rene Labounek, conference organizer only support pptx and pdf.

It’s mentioned in the internets that e.g. PDF supports animations in Flash SWF and QuickTime MOV formats. Also some interactive capabilities could possibly be used to change images on timer…

But your message should be not here, but in the bug tracker, as an enhancement request; this site is for peer-to-peer help, and feature requests are off-topic here.