Inserted links within Draw document broken in PDF export

I have a multiple page document in Draw that has navigation links within the document. Table of contents—>page, reference on page—>related content in document. The links work fine within Draw when entered as a relative hyperlink, but when exporting to a PDF, (even with PDF settings modified) there are no functional links. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m looking for a solution to a possibly related problem. I’m also creating a multi-page document that will be exported to PDF and want to link to different pages (think TOC). Links were working at first exactly as I wanted and life was good. Then they just stopped working. Links appear to be referencing an external document, although I create them (with internal document references) just as I always have. Links I have not edited still work. But any new or recently edited links break. I believe everything in the document is on the Layout layer.