Inserting a Column in Right or Left with Specific (user defined) width in Libreoffice Wirter

Hi all, greetings : )

I am new user here, but have using LO for a long time,

I want to ask a simple question,

My condition is:

  • I have a trouble in LO Writer,

  • I am writing books right now and extensively using tables.

  • I want to insert new Column in Right or Left, ofcourse we all can easily do that by

    “Right Clicking Table > Insert > Column Right or Left”

My Trouble is:

“Libre Office always inserting So Wide Column that distorting other Columns in Table, but I need only 0.12” new Column in Left and Right."

What I have Tried:

I’ve tried to go to Main Menu > Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Table > Keyboard Handling > Isert Cell > Column Text Box > Change the value to 0.12" > Setting Keyboard Shortcout for Insert Column Right and Left > Try to Insert New Column
Result: LO Writer still inserting the same wide column.

My Question is

How can I inserting new Column with predifined column width in Libre Office?

Thank you for your replies :smiley:


The first step was to define ToolsOptionsWriterTableKeyboard HandlingInsert CellColumn as you did. Then to insert a column:

  • Press and hold down the Alt+Insert keys 2 seconds, release, then immediately
  • Press Arrow Key (inserts row/column)

E.g. Alt+Insert (2 seconds) to insert on the left of current column (Ctrl+Arrow Key inserts cell)


Woaa, this answer just solve my problem. I just tried your suggestion and it do the trick! Nice and super trick for table! :smiley:
Thanks a lot for your answer Pierre :smiley: