Inserting a line/row with the same formatting - LO Calc

Hi guys,

I have a table that i’m filling up. When I finish one row, I press enter to exit the INSERT mode and goes down to the row below. If I want to add another row data, it doesn’t come with the same formatting as the previous lines. How can I do it?


See images in another answer.

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Mark the circle to the left of the answer that solves your question.

My question is solved. Thanks a lot. Do you know how he has a separated windows with the add rows?


Solved? OK; so “mark the circle to the left of the answer”. Thanks.

Your new question is about the toolbars with the Add Rows and Add Columns buttons? If so, you can see the answer to how to add a new toolbar question. If not (sorry I couldn’t understand), please add a new comment asking with other words.