Inserting a powerpoint presentation into writer

I’ve made a powerpoint inside impress, I have exported it as a PDF and I’m trying to insert it into my writer document so its a nice two “Presentation pages” per “Writer page”.

I’ve tried a lot of stuff with this OLE stuff, along with importing it into Draw, then copying it over into writer… but it all just doesn’t keep its scale or isn’t right.

Please help. :sob:

(Updated your question, added “presentation”)

at first I would “print out” the presentation into two slides on one page into pdf format or bitmap format. You can do that in Powerpoint or Impress, this function is built-in in both programs. For that reason you need a pdf printer like
As a Windows user you could install pdf24 locally so that sensitive data needn’t be uploaded into the internet.

On the internet you find the tool pdf24 ⇒ convert pdf into odt - I am sure you find that in English language as well… It’s worth a try out. - Godspeed


Probably it may be better to export the presentation into bitmaps by pdf24 - and then to import single bitmap files into Writer.
I tried to convert a sample presentation and the best result I got was the bitmap method…

Only 2 letters to change:

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Thanks to both you and @Wanderer I’ve converted my PDF into a ODT document, however when I try to import it (Copy-paste) it fails.

I’m probabbly going about this the wrong way, is there a method of inserting it?

That may depend on the specific layout of the presentation. As I told you in my former (EDITed) comment it may be useful to print out into PDF file and then to convert the PDF file into single bitmap files.
For a sensible printout it is helpful to work on the handout master, then print out the handout into PDF file.


After having the PDF printout you may convert the PDF file into single PNG or JPG pages (PDF to PNG converter - quick, online, free - PDF24 Tools) and then insert the bitmap files as whole pages into Writer. - HTH