Inserting formula object also insert frame

[Running LO 6.3.2-2 on 64bit Arch linux]

[Addons: TexMaths v0.48, Zotero LO Integration v5.0, Wiki Publisher v1.2]

Except for the LO and add-ons’ versions numbers, nothing in that setup has changed in well other a year.

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The title says almost everything. This Math (NOT TexMaths) editor anomalous behavior is new for me. It did not happen in LO writer 6.1.x. I just go to the insert menu, choose Insert Object > Formula, and ipso facto get a formula field INSIDE a frame, instead of just a Math formula edit window… What I do then is:

  • select the formula field inside the frame delimiter, cut it (CTRL-X) and paste it outside on the page (CTRL-V).
  • select the frame and delete it.
  • start editing in my formula per usual.

It is systematic and basically breaks the work flow completely. Is there a record of this happening to anybody else and a solution or workaround ?


Not familiar at all with TeXMaths. Does it overtake Math? i.e. when you Insert>Object>Formula, are you thrown into TeXMaths? Home site says it does not work at all wit Wayland.

Yes, TexMaths is an add-on that basically allows you to edit document with LaTex like formatting instructions and rendering quality.

I am not working with Wayland. I am working with gdm and Xorg (X11) to manage my display. Wayland is VERY quirky where Xorg is … just nice.

My question was: with Insert>Object>Formula, do you reach built-in Math component? Or has TeXMaths taken control of the menu and you end up in TeXMaths without the need to click on some tool in the toolbar?

My bad ten times over. I made a mistake in appraising my issue.

I do have TexMaths installed but I just modified the problem description above. Problem occurs in Math the formula editor native in LO. Insert > Object > Formula puts me directly in Math edit mode.

To answer your question: in order to access TeXMaths, I do need to click on the Toolbar item “PI”.

@Cbhihe I think there is something wrong here: Insert → Object → Formula always insert a Math object, never a TexMaths graphic. The only way you can insert a TexMaths formula is to use the TexMaths toolbar, the extension does not create menu entries.

Yes, to your last comment. I rectified my previous one as well as OP. The issue is with MATH (not TexMaths).

Rebuilding a new user profile and reconfiguring LO completely rid me of the problem. User profile corruption is painful !

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