Inserting images in document

Hey Guys! I’m trying to insert a image in my document but when i do it, it adds like +300 blank pages, if i try it to insert the same image in another place of the same document the image inserts normally, but if i try it to insert it in place it keeps adding hundreds of blank pages, it is a bug or i’m doing something wrong? Thanks!

Then please explain exactly how you insert images (step by step).
Where are the pictures from?

Obligatory: Please state the operating system you are using, the LibreOffice version (four digits).
In which file format are you saving?

Usually this happens when you anchor your image To page. 99% of the time anchor mode To page is faulty. Don’t confuse anchor mode and position in page.

As requested by @Hrbrgr describe accurately what you do.

  • how you tried it?
  • image type?
  • image size (bytes, and physical size)?
  • document type? (native ODF or foreign type)
  • can you upload or share a sample file?

This is definitely a bug. Such bugs are caused by layout engine seeing that the object doesn’t fit to current page, creates the next page for the content, but sees that the object doesn’t fit there, too; and fails to stop adding new pages.

But it is impossible to fix the problem, unless we have specific reproduction steps - which means an original document and the image (most likely, the only thing that matters in the image is its physical size, so it may be just a blank square), and exact description where and how to insert the image to reproduce the problem. All that needs to go to the bug tracker.

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