Inserting or loading linked OLE object has issues

So I’m having some issues with including an external file as an ole object. This issue has shown up in 7.2.5 (Which I have currently, 7.3.0, and 7.3.1. It never happened in 7.0 or 7.1, which I was running up until about a week ago. I’ve installed 7.1.8 which doesn’t have this issue.

Here’s what happens:
I open a file with OLE objects. In this case, it’s a Writer document with Calc OLE files. If I hit “Yes” to loading any updated info from the linked files, I get a slew of “temp file is locked”. I haven’t counted, but it seems to be one for each of the linked files I have.

It also happens whenever I try to insert a new file. This is either deleting the exisiting OLE object and replacing it with a new one, or inserting a new object from a new or existing file.

I also get this warning box every time I try to do anything to the OLE object, such as change the properties or go in and edit it.

This happens on an empty, new Writer document with a freshly-saved new Calc document with test data, so I doubt it’s outdated files.

Unsurprisingly, if I don’t link the files, it doesn’t object since it’s not trying to re-load them. But re-loading them is precisely what I want it to do so not linking them is a no-go.

I’d like to be able to include OLE objects linked to other files, and also have the more up to date version of Libre Office. Is there something I’m missing here?

Looks like bug tdf#147589 although it states earliest appearance as LO 7.4.