Inserting row or column in Calc

I recently installed L.O. on Windows 10 (x64) to update an existing spreadsheet (.ods) and when I attempted to insert a row I found that there was no option in the “Insert” menu drop down to allow this. I have been using L.O. on Debian Linux, but never on Windows (I have used OpenOffice on Windows), so I’m a little surprised. Would someone kindly point me in the right direction. TIA.

Hmmmm…found it.

Inserting a row is under the “Row Operations” icon. Likewise, column insertion is under the “Column Operations” icon.

You should still find the needed submenu items in the context menus opening on rightclick when pointing on the original column label (letters) or row label (number) respectively.
The menu items formerly found under the ‘Insert’ item of the main menu were moved to the ‘Sheet’ item as of version 5.0.0