Inserting User Data in LibreOffice

Hi there,

I’m trying to insert information contained in LibreOffice’s user data (Tools → Options → LibreOffice → User data) such as email adress or phone number in my text the same way I’m doing it with other fields.

A workaround would be to create a custom field with the desired information, however, those fields are set per documents, while User Data is per user.

My goal is to create a template in which the name, email, address, position and so on will be automatically added to the document.

I search for this for a while now but didn’t find anything.

How would you do this ?

Thanks in advance !


Do you mean something like as Listing 5.51: Setting document variables in this book?

Use Insert > Field > More Fields or Ctrl+F2 [in older versions Insert > Fields > Other] Then in tab Document the type item Sender. Choose your desired user data from the list Select. Notice the checkbox Fixed content. When it is checked when creating a template, then the fields were filled once, when a document is created from that template.