Install 3.6.1 over 3.5 on windows XP fail

Downloaded and ran file goes through a few windows and gets to Ready to Install

Pop up reads Error 1305 can’t read from file, verify existence and permission

The file name and path it can’t read is correct, I have and logged in as admin. Earlier versions are not running or pre-loaded, same with Open Office files.

Tried putting in to different dir, same result, haven’t had this problem with previous upgrades.

See this question with comments and answers: Update "Windows can't open this file" - try checking the integrity of the download, and repeat download if checksums don’t match.


I have the same problem, same situation, Win XP Pro SP3 Italian version,
I tried to install 3.6.1 four times, always re-downloading the package
and today I tried with 3.6.2 with same error

Error 1305. Error reading file LibO_3.6.2_Win_x86_install_multi.msi

logged as administrator.
I’m nearly sure there’s some compatibility problem because same package works with Win7

Does it need any particular version of Windows Installer or .NET Framework ?



meantime I did some more test,
first of all I checked md5 and all was correct.

At the end I was able to install it, and this is something the programmers must fix.
The problem was the drive.

My system has a C: and a D: drive,
I copied the .msi on the D: drive to start installation,
the setup was the standard one, so program must be installed, as usual, on C:\Program Files…
no way, errors.

At the end I tried to copy the same .msi on the C: drive and start the installation from there.
All works correctly.

Hope it helps

“The file name and path it can’t read is correct, I have and logged in as admin”

You haven’t the correct file/folder permissions set. If you run the installation as a administrator then the folder where the msi installation file is must have permissions set for the administrators.


This still happens with The system is a Raid 5, the ‘disc’ is H: drive. Updates used to be no problem. 2 Administrators, same outcome with either. OS has been updated [automatically]. Most other programs updated OK [no problems or errors except LibreOffice]

I’m willing to believe it could be one of those MS paradoxes like " can’t find keyboard, hit any key to continue"

In this case ‘can’t find the program that is running to give you this output’

Do not overwrite.

Do clean install won’t take so long.

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