Install Certificate for signed macro file

We have a digitally signed macro file (excel) that is from another company. We need to allow these macros in the file to execute but only when there is a trusted certificate. They have provided us with a certificate but when we install it we’re not seeing the certificate under the Trusted Certificates section in the Macro Security.

How do we install a certificate so it can be seen by LibreOffice and then allow the macros to be a trusted?


I have doubts that an excel macro can work in Calc (whether it is signed or not).

In any case if you try to open a file with signed macros, LibreOffice presents a message warning about it. In this message you have the option to see the certificate with which it has been signed and then check the option “Alwais trust macros from this source”. If you check this option the file will open with permission to run the macros.


From that moment on, LibreOffice will not ask the question again and will allow the opening and execution of macros that are signed by that authority. Also from this point on, the macro’s signing authority will appear in the macro security trusted certificates dialog. In this dialog you can delete the certificate so that it will not be trusted again.

I can never get the Security Warning dialog you show to appear. There is no View Signatures button – only the Help, Enable Macros and Disable Macros buttons. And I have confirmed multiple times that there is a digital signature in the original excel document.

Then, it is possible that LibreOffice does not recognize Excel digital signatures. By the way, Excel does not recognize Calc digital signatures either (nor macros).

Install Excel.