Install Language Pack?

On a Mac in the USofA, when I install
do I need to install
as well?

Where did you get that build from? Maybe you should ask there… but I an very amazed to know that we have en-US langpacks at all! en-US is actually built-in into binaries, and all other languages are translated from that.

Interesting, why (and how!) would that langpack be built…

Go to

There is no place to ask questions there.

From what you say, i gather that the answer to my question is «No»


You should not directly run the osx_install.applescript installer for the Dev build base package or its language pack (with right click as these are not signed)–as that would install the DEV build over the release build language pack.

Rather, unless you really want to be running the DEV build rather than a release build, you should be doing a parallel install (i.e. from the DEV build launcher drag to Desktop rather than Applications!), and then from Finder “Show Package Contents” and modifying the Resources → bootstraprc changing the USERINSTALLATION=$SYSUSERCONFIG/* stanza to something with $ORIGIN, e.g. “USERINSTALLATION=$ORIGIN/…/Data/settings”.

That will keep the user profile isolated to this instance of LO. We still need to launch LibreOffice once! (bug tdf#89657)

But as Mike notes, the en-US lang pack & help is not needed as it is built-in to the installer package–and becomes the base for all translations. Believe it is present in en-US just to verify it builds.

Then, if installing the langpack–mount the .DMG, open the installer, and drag the bundle from the installer onto the launcher for the Dev build (easy if Dev build is “installed” to Desktop, or use Finder if you put it elsewhere). It will open the warning dialog “LibreOfficeDev Language Pack” is an application downloaded for the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? – click the Open, and it will install to the Dev instance.

If doing parallel installations of multiple LibreOffice release builds, these steps to isolate each build into its own directory (program and user configuration) is essential, or the profiles will overlap. That is a mess to work with.

I do not know what you are talking about.
Go to

There you will see 4 files, 2 of which are:
libreoffice-6-0~2018-03-23_08.28.32_LibreOfficeDev_6. 224495768 2018-Mar-23 08:59
libreoffice-6-0~2018-03-23_08.28.32_LibreOfficeDev_6. 11368354 2018-Mar-23 09:06

These are the files I am talking about.