Install of LibreOffice 7.2.0 on Windows 10

Symptom: clicking on .msi file ran the installer, that removed old 5.x version and appeared to load new version, but on successful finish there was no folder for 7.2.0 under C:\Program Files and LibreOffice was not functioning (e.g. double clicking on a .odt file did nothing).

I discovered that simply double clicking on the .msi file in my Downloads folder from an account with admin rights was not enough.
The solution was to open a command prompt with Admin access and run the install from the command line:
i.e. Click Start, type cmd then select Run as Administrator

Then cd to where the msi file was and run it from there by typing the name of the file and hitting

After that, everything was working perfectly!

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Nice post, it will be even better if you write the Solution part in an answerbox. Please do it.

I do not have your problem with installation on Windows 10. It might be worth saving a link to General Installation Issues (Windows) in case of any future issues. Cheers, Al

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