Install via group policy: where are the language transform trans_xx.mst files

In the .exe bundled installation packages, one could unpack and find inside trans_XX.mst transform files, one for each support language. I used one of them to transform my group policy-based installation, as follows, in order to install Greek:

msiexec /i <libo.msi> TRANSFORMS=trans_el.mst /qn

(The installation was made via a group policy, but in essence that’s what happened).

In LibO 3.5 no such files exist. How should I install a single language in this case?

@cosmos – Did you ever find an answer for your question? Still interested in finding an answer for it?

I am a network administrator for my LAN and have been downloading/installing Oo for the last 4 years or so. So I (think I) know the procedure pretty well more or less.

But for the record and to answer your question, I always download from The specific file I had downloaded was named LibO_3.5.2_Win_x86_install_multi.msi

Does this MSI contain the trans_XX.mst transforms?

Nope, it doesn’t. Ever since installable files are MSI ones, there are not trans_XX files given

Are you sure you didn’t download the English-only version and your download link was something like:

Yep, I’m sure.

Please have a look at:

(1) TDF Wiki – Deployment and Migration

(2) Bug 40481 - Unattended msi installation installs all languages by default

I know about the latter; I am one of the bug contributors. Seems like part of it is by design and the newer libo does not utilize trans_XX files anymore.

fdo#40481 has status RESOLVED FIXED.

fdo#50509 - Language selection is not possible with silent install has status RESOLVED FIXED.

"guessing heuristic is switched off, and user can define explicitely,
what languages should be installed.

    msiexec /i LibO_...._.msi UI_LANGS=en_US,de,fr,hu

This will install English (US), German, French, and Hungarian."

See also: Follow-up Bug 54585 - UI_LANGS has no effect on update

Status: NEW

“UI_LANGS works fine if there is no LO installation present on a computer. But,
if there is an installation already, UI_LANGS doesn’t change UI languages. […]”