Installation in Win 8

I cannot install LibreOffice on windows 8. I download the file from the link - and it saves the file … onto my PC. Then when i click on the file to run it windows cannot recognise the file type and will not run the windows installer. Can you help please ? Is the current version compatible with Windows 8 - and if so how do i install. I am runnin an ASUS ultrabook with 4GB RAM and 500GB HD. Thanks.

Thanks very much for the help. The installer link from the homepage seems broken - and links to a file with .man extension. Perhaps the webmaster can update it. The page with the mirrors though has got links to the correct file - and I have managed to get a .msi file to install. I am very grateful indeed - thanks.

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All windows installers of LibO have .msi extension, not .man. Try to download installer again.

Bit Torrent downloader needs to be installed first, then on double clicking the LO downloaded file, the full msi installation file will be downloaded - no further complications