Installation Issues Linux

I have libreoffice-fresh 6.0.2-3 installed on Arch Linux. The other day, I accidentally deleted my /usr/share folder and everything inside (long story). I ended up reinstalling every package on my system via pacman, but now LibreOffice has some issues. Writer works fine as far as I can tell, but Calc has been having some problems. When opening a file, it gets hung up and either just doesn’t open, or opens it very slowly. I cannot copy and paste large pieces of spreadsheets. Any ideas?

Hm, it may not be related to LibreOffice. Here on Debian Stretch I do not have libreoffice folder in /usr/share so you probably deleted some other folder which is used by LO so some functionality are gone. Doubt you find fix for this here. I would try to remove and purge LO and reinstall. Let us know if you fix it.

Try resetting the user profile.