Installation Problem of Libre Office on my Mac


I downloaded the Libre Office app (size of 36.7 MB) and was trying to install it on my Mac. I followed the procedure as mentioned in the ’ how to install on os x’ section of LO’s official website. However nothing seems to be happening.

Here are the steps taken:

  1. Downloaded the file “LibreOffice_5.1.2_MacOS_x86-64_sdk.dmg”
  2. Mounted the dmg file. A new window appeared with a folder (and not an icon) named “LibreOffice_5.1_SDK”
  3. I dragged this folder and dropped it in the application folder. A dialog box appeared saying copying files. Around 360 MB files were copied.

However even after copying the files I cannot see the applications in Launchpad. I can however find the “LibreOffice_5.1_SDK” folder in the Applications folder.

Was I proceeding with the installation process correctly? Please advice.

PS: I’m new to the Mac System (about 20 days old)

OS: Mac OS X 10.11.1

If you are simply wanting to use LO, it is not the SDK (Software Development Kit) that you want. What you do want is LibreOffice_5.1.2_MacOS_x86-64.dmg - linked to the big green download button on the download page. This will be over 200MB in size. Once you have the correct download, installation should be straightforward.