Installation Wizard - removal of modules for Windows

Read in wiki where the option to select which modules to install was removed from the Windows Custom install dialog. The comment was “The option made little sense”. HUH ??? In what world does selecting what you wish to install make little sense?

We use Libre in a corporate environment. We do not want Impress, Draw and other modules installed. We use the MSI and MST transform files to make sure we only get what we want installed, but if I need to do it manually, now I can’t choose???!!!???

Same thing at home. If I don’t need or want extra files for Impress, Draw, etc installed, I should be able to choose that option.

is this the way all future versions of LibreOffice are going to be, or can someone wake up and smell the coffee and get it put back?

actually the complete suite was installed even if you had deselected any part of the suite. Moreover “removed” components did create problems on windows that some modules were missed (see bugzilla bug reports).

@capthook2002 - Imagine someone gives you a BMW free of charge. You can use it, paint in all colors, even modify it. However this very BMW has a turbo charger which you don’t need. What are you going to do?

Do you really say not thank you to the person who wants to give you the BMW free of charge and buy a Mercedes Benz? (You can freely interchange the name of the cars!)

i appreciate what appears to be your enthusiasm about LibreOffice (we love it too), but your reply provides no context to the issue. Apples to Oranges. We exist in a corporate environment and must comply with many regulations, compliances, etc set upon us. Therefore, we need to make sure only what we want to have installed and used by our users, is indeed installed. If said regulations stated I needed to give back the free BMW, then regardless of my personal feelings, I would have to do so.

It appears the bugs were too great to be fixed and removing the ability to choose in installation wizard was an easier way around this, so obviously we will just have to note use of our transform files is a must.

Maybe some day those bugs will be fixed, and the custom module choice when manually installing will come back.

Actually every module was installed and only the “shortcuts” were removed, but still resulted in many kind of problems which weren’t manageable nor in any kind useful.

(Just curious for my own interest: what does make Draw and Impress so special to not install them. Is removing the shortcut icon not enough? Revoking the user right to start certain executables in the program folder?)

It is much easier to not have the items installed at all, as opposed to setting policies to revoke rights, and then having to continually test to make sure said policies still work as expected.

Our transform MST works as expected, and if we had to, we could just build in a extra step in our policy to delete the executable. Initial post was a knee-jerk jaw-drop reaction that absolutely no one in the world using the windows version would not want to pick and choose, for whatever reason.