installed latest update - will not open any docs/spreadsheets

Went to open my main business spreadsheet and got this dialog box error message:

Component cannot be loaded, possibly broken or incomplete installation.
Full error message:

loading component library <file:///C:/Program%20Files/LibreOffice/program/…/program/sclo.dll> failed.

any help / suggestions to fix this properly will be greatly appreciated.


This sounds - as already stated in the error messages - like a broken installation. I’d suggest to

  • try to uninstall LibreOffice using regular Windows uninstall procedure
  • Move to %ProgramFiles%\Libreoffice and delete any remainders of the previous install
  • Reinstall LibreOffice

Note Download the installation image again (and check size and checksum) to assure, that you don’t install from a corrupt installation image.

be careful!, ‘main business spreadsheet’ sounds like valuable data …

a cautious approach to unknown failures should be:

  • first! copy all important data to another data medium / check the backup,
  • then: check that this data does not contain any errors,
  • only then! change anything in the system.

why? depending on the installation and error it might be necessary to search the hard disk for any backups or fragments, this becomes more difficult with every change.

once that is done you may also try to first install a clean copy in a separate directory besides your version in use and try if that helps, in windows use ‘msiexec /a Libre…xxx’ for that,

and - also for further questions - pls. provide some more info about your system and use and change history,