Installed Templates not showing in LibreOffice's Template Manager

As per the first discussion in this Reddit post in the LibreOffice community, I created a Github issue in Template Manager repo. As per the second discussion I created another Github issue in Flatpak repository.

Meanwhile, the Template is not showing in Template Manager. Where did things go wrong?

Distro: Ubuntu 19.10

LO Version:

i) Installed LO from Flatpak
ii) Installed the template using `sudo dpkg -i libreoffice-impress-templates-all_2.2-1.deb
iii) Launched LibreOffice Impress
iv) Open Template Manager.
v) Didn't saw any template which I just installed. 

But those template resides in the folder as you can see sadly in repeated form.

You didn’t mention your Linux distro flavor. The directory configuration is highly dependent on the distribution.

See in Tools>Options, LibreOffice>Paths what the distro maintainers configured for the Templates path.

In my case (Fedora), it is /usr/lib64/libreoffice/share/template/common and not …/lib/… as you show in your console screen.

If you imported the templates from a different distro, you might have bumped into this contradiction.

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When this post was created, I was using Ubuntu 19.10. It was mentioned the GitHub issue which I have linked above. Now I’m using Fedora 34, and I will accept your answer which seems correct. But don’t know for sure because I need to redo everything here in this new distro.

As a reliability rule, only install from the distro repositories AND with the distro package manager. In Fedora, it is dnf and packages have extension .rpm.

Mixing packages and managers is a clear way to create ambiguities and conflicts.