Installed vs WebSite

Hello I am a total new person to Linux Mint, I did figure to install LibreOffice but I download from Website version 6.2.2 and I cannot figure to install, then I open the Software Manager in Mint and I see LibreOffice there so I installed but the version there is now I am confused how do I get the latest and best installed.

thanks in advanced

Your question has actually nothing to do with LibreOffice as it is about your operating system and its procedures of software management. Ask in a relevant forum, this one may be a good place. First, however, learn to ask good questions. In particular, consult the Linux Mint documentation first.

Wow sorry, I guess you know everything, and do not bother to be polite to NEW people, really good way to make me feel welcome here, thanks.

Deinstall old Libreoffice: Program menu > … > LibreOffice > mouse right hand click > Deinstall

Download v from website (you already have done)

Unzip each of the downloaded files into one folder (numerous deb files)

Run terminal in this folder and execute in it: sudo dpkg -i *.deb (you have to fill in root’s password)

Attend advice of former answers: Ask in relevant LinuxMint or Ubuntu forums!

the latest and best installed

Be aware that - at the moment - version 6.2.2 is for testing; the stablest one is LO 6.1.5


Thanks for the help friend, now works fine I did go with 6.1.5 I am not big on beta stuff…

If you are new to Linux (if you are old to Linux too, but I’m digressing) DON’T USE THE OFFICIAL BUILDS: you’ll end up with repeated fonts, repeated dictionaries, repeated libraries and a difficult to maintain package. ALWAYS use repositories from your distribution. I don’t use Mint, but found this entry on mint-guide:

LibreOffice - latest version via PPA repository