installer issue

…for many, many upgrades now (Win 10 x64) …every time I run an upgrade installer (from an account with full admin privileges) at a certain point (85% through?) I get an error message about insufficient [i before e except… seems inefficient and insufficient as a rule] admin rights to install. This comes even if I’ve rebooted the computer after downloading.

BUT – in every case, faced with the “insufficient privilege” message, all I have to do is log out and log back in, re-run the installer (which seems to “jump in” well into its process) and – No Problem – Upgrade Installed…

I can live with this, and my poor old mind is way too broken to actually conceive [it’s i before e except…, right?] of code that might help, but I thought the “Real Coders” might appreciate the information.

Bless you Tiny Tim, et al. for Libre Office!

Maybe this will help you:

General Installation Issues (Windows)

Do you have a Brother printer? This question 42597 has an answer that says it might be the problem. Just right-click on the CC4 icon in the system tray and select Close before installing. See General installation errors (Windows). Cheers, Al