Installer just sits there after initial questions answered during early phase

1st prob with Libreoffice since 2004 (YEAH!)
It never goes 10-15%. I’ve let it site there for an hour.
No prob canceling either, so its NOT a freeze

Windows 8.1 6.3 B9600
Tons of free space.

Thanks much.

Please try to kill wusa.exe process.

Thanks Mike, but there was no wusa.exe running b4 installer, but after installer started, wusa.exe then started, then…

I killed it, but installer also died…

Already tried safe mode install, but that wasnt allowed

I rebooted, I then added 6.1.5 .msi installer into firewall whitelist , then ran this older ver… same problem

Then please follow the FAQ, and provide installation log.

Did every doable FAQ thing, to no avail…

Started a new LOG INSTALL submission post here.