Installing and running multiple versions of LibreOffice on Linux

What is the most easy way to install multiple different versions of LibreOffice on a Linux system, and do so side-by-side without a conflict?

Can this be done easily for any Linux Distro?


  1. I do not want to throw out my distro-supplied package, and I want to be able to easily go back to that one if my testing of a new version does not work well for me.

  2. Also I want to be able to help with bug triaging in LibreOffice bugzilla, and hence I want to be able switch to older releases of LibreOffice such as those which the original bug reporter may have been or still running.

Forget about your distro because all versions end up in the same official production directory.

Download from The transmitted cargo is a compressed RPM file (at least for my Fedora-based station). Uncompress it in some convenient temporary location. You’ll find a script named install. his script allows to extract the bits and pieces to install them in a designated directory different from the official production one.

You can them have several versions.

It’s up to you to eventually modify file associations to designate the default version to open your files with double-click. I assume you know how to.

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