Installing Base in Ubuntu-based system

I am on Kubuntu 21.10, have been using Libreoffice since its beginnings. Now I want to install LO 7.2.3, including Base. How can I install Base on top of the downloads included for Ubuntu-based distros? Where is the download of Base?

There are distro packages for Base. The package is called libreoffice-base. You have to install Java runtime environment also. And, if you want to create reports, the reportbuilder.

There is also the possibility to get the packages directly from LibreOffice. Unpack the files and you get all the *.deb-packages you need.

Ctrl+Alt+T should open a terminal window.

sudo apt install libreoffice-base

should prompt for your password and install Base.
Tip: You can select the above command with the mouse and transfer it per middle-mouse-click into the terminal.

Thanks for the comments! I did do the suggested apt install - and now everything is fine. Having used LibreOffice for years, OpenOffice before that, and even StarOffice, I am well aware of the necessity to have Java-RTE and a connector (Java, ODBC, or native) on the system. Still - thanks a lot for the help!